Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sticks and Shadows

It's been six months since the condemned, rotting house was torn down and the rusted Ford station wagon was hauled off with promise of an apartment complex. The site is once again abandoned.

While the house stood, it was shelter for addicts and rodents. Sam-dog would root plastic packets out from under the overgrown shrubs. I'd look around and quickly kick them back.

Now it's nothing but sticks and shadows, dirt and orange survey tape. At least the grass refuses to stay dead.


  1. We've got one of those in town only larger. It's the site of an old hospital, now torn down.

    With the economy what it is, a position was voted in this yer for a site developer to make sure our town never makes that mistake again. However, we have limited space, so it is unlikely we will make that mistake again.

    Good luck. Maybe it will get developed.

  2. Hope it becomes what it was meant to be - a place where families dwell and dreams are given a chance to grow. =D