Thursday, June 2, 2011


She has every type of piercing imaginable, and that's just the ones she can show off in public. No need to know what's going on under her clothing. Much as I enjoy my own painful tatts and grown over multiple piercings, there is a point where it becomes pure self-destruction. I couldn't quite go there, even back when I loathed myself.

As the mutt and I were walking along, she was shadowing us from across the street. She does that. She fixates and follows until something distracts her.

Then, for reasons only the chicken knows, she crossed the road and was nearly obliterated by a truck going around 900 miles per hour. It took her a full minute to digest the perilous situation and come up with an appropriate comment.

"He was driving really fast."

"No shit," I replied.

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  1. As an obsessive road cyclist I can relate to trucks going 900 miles an hour, the driver usually yelling some obscenity as he gives me the finger, one hand on the wheel. I want to know more about the piercings and tatts, though I'm with you when you get to the too much information comment on her clothing. Obviously, not everyone gets tatts because of a self-esteem problem (see any college or pro basketball court). But the hating yourself connection to these totems is so full of descriptive potential. Still, this is very good on its own, esp the connection to the poor judgment in crossing the street.